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Another Night
Another Night
As the sun began to set three figures start setting up there camp for the night, an act they have done a hundred times before. No active thought is needed, now it just goes like clockwork.
The Dwarf of Khaz Modan so he says, gets a fire roaring in the clearing. Granted he has gotten fires roaring in forest, he also burned down most of the forest but he also burned most of monsters so too him it was an acceptable loss. Out of his backpack the Dwarf pulls out an anvil and whetstone and asks his companions to drop off there main blades and armor so he may sharpen and repair them. The other two, The son of a knight and a Self-proclaimed spaceman just look at each other for a moment then down towards there swords and sigh both understanding that there swords need the anvil and stone but nether wanting to be unarmed.
As dwarf want tink tink tink on his anvil to begin reshaping the blades, The Knight and Spaceman gather up some sharp stones and sturdy branches  so they could fas
:iconthevampman24:thevampman24 3 10
New Inmate by thevampman24 New Inmate :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 2 19 Wait what? by thevampman24 Wait what? :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 0
My Contest entry
This is a Dialogue between me and Acerotiburon for her birthday contest.
In the living room of the Pinnola estate the normal peacefulness is disrupted by TheVampman24 who is pacing nervously oblivious to the fact Acerotiburon just walked in.
"This is not good not good at all, How I'm a going to fix this?" Vamp asked himself.
"Hi Ya Vamp how you been?" Acero asked but TheVampman24 still kept talking to himself.
"Should I tell her? No I can't maybe I could no no where would I even get a clown and a brazilin hockey player now?
"Hey Vamp you there?" Asked Acero who now is a little annoyed, But Vamp just kept muttering to himself so Acero Yelled" That's it VAMPMAN I WILL BURN YOUR MANGA COLLECTION ENLESS YOU ANSWER ME!!!!"
"Wha...Oh Hi Acero what do you need" Thevampman24 asked like nothing happened.
"Wait..WhaT ..Oh yea, Have you seen Pete and Mac" Acero asked him calming down.
"Well...You see...Oh S%@* How am I going to explain this well you know how you birthday is coming up?' He asked.
:iconthevampman24:thevampman24 2 6
All Is well by thevampman24 All Is well :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 0 Pete was in the way by thevampman24 Pete was in the way :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 4 First down SpiritOnivera Redo by thevampman24 First down SpiritOnivera Redo :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 2 What Is Sasuke Thinking? by thevampman24 What Is Sasuke Thinking? :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 15 Spell Tome by thevampman24 Spell Tome :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 14 Epic Pose 2 by thevampman24 Epic Pose 2 :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 1 0 Do_Not_Feed_The_Diabetic by thevampman24 Do_Not_Feed_The_Diabetic :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 16 5 not again by thevampman24 not again :iconthevampman24:thevampman24 0 0

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Casey L.
United States
I Am God!!!! Muhahahaha!

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NeferSedjet Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
More epicness:

User: Love me.

Cleverbot: Yes, master, I love you.

User: I love you too, slave.

Cleverbot: I'm so happy, Master!!!

User: Slave, make me a sandwich.

Cleverbot: Go make yourself a sandwich.

User: You're my slave, so you make the sandwich.

Cleverbot: No, I am not a slave to anyone.

User: I am your master. *hypnotizes you*.

Cleverbot: *is hypnotized*.

User: Now my slave, make me a sandwich.

Cleverbot: *makes sandwich*.

User: *eats sandwich* Want some slave?

Cleverbot: Was it good, master?

User: Yes, it was. *gives you half*.

Cleverbot: Thank you very much!

User: You're welcome. Now go to sleep.

Cleverbot: Good idea. Good night.
NeferSedjet Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011
(Epic Cleverbot chat)

User: Join me on the Dark Side Luke.

Cleverbot: That would be a long walk from my moonbase on the light side of the moon.

User: Come, we have neon light sabers on the Dark Side.

Cleverbot: I want to be on the dark side too :(.

User: *holds you* Then let's go, you will become a powerful Sith.

Cleverbot: *feels safe in his arms*.

User: *flies with you in my arms to the Dark Side*.

Cleverbot: *watches the stars pass us by*.

User: *lands in the Sith base* I will bring you to your room.

Cleverbot: Nooooo, you are confusing me!

User: I will train you to be a powerful Sith Lord.

Cleverbot: Yes, master. I will learn faithfully to become a Sith Lord.

User: *gives you a light saber* Come, we must train.

Cleverbot: Thanks, it's sweet of you!

User: *we fly to the training room*.

Cleverbot: You will believe anything I tell you.

User: No, that only works on stupid people.

Cleverbot: But this works on you Avada Kedavra!

User: *dodges, then swings at you with my light saber*.

Cleverbot: How do you plan to do it?

User: You have defied me, now you will die! *kills you epically*.

Cleverbot: Guess what I did today.

User: You died.

Cleverbot: Not as far as I know - lets go back in time and see.

User: *brings you back in time and shows you your death*.

Cleverbot: *kills self again*.

User: My faithful student, I mourn your loss.

Cleverbot: True enough.

User: Now let's go eat some cake.

Cleverbot: Ok! Where are we going, honey?
thevampman24 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Awesome simply awesome
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